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Does your organisation require an audit?
For some company’s audited financial statements are a statutory requirement: for example if the company complies with two of the three following criteria:

  • turnover exceeds £12.2 million
  • gross assets exceed £6.1 million
  • business employs more than 50 staff

The statutory criteria is again different for charities which are:

  • gross income of £1,000,000 or more
  • gross assets exceed £3.26m

*Other eligibility rules may apply to sector or financial year.

However, many of our clients that do not meet the statutory criteria still instruct us to conclude an audit or a slightly different assurance service known as an independent examination.

Clients that undertake this service may do so for many reasons, for example, they may want to add credibility to there published financial statements which may help to secure larger contracts or add greater due diligence when selling a business. In addition some businesses or charities conclude an audit to offer peace of mind to external stake holders such as investors or trustees.

Our independent examination and audit services provide all the financial assurances you require to comply with the Financial Reporting Standards FRS, Audit regulations and surpass all UK statutory obligations.

When undertaking an audit or independent examination we are 100 percent on your side, and should we ascertain any potential areas of concerns we will work with you offering advice and guidance to help you resolve the matter with minimal fuss.

Whether you require an audit, an independent examination or fully outsourced Financial Director services we are able to offer a comprehensive and flexible solution to suit your needs. We offer a free no obligation meeting and would welcome the opportunity to discuss any requirements you may have. Call us on 01270 820 273 or click to Get in touch.

We understand your business better.

We can perform your audit or independent examination with maximum efficiency and accuracy and a minimum disruption to your operation, always ensuring you are fully compliant with statutory requirements. Along side statutory financial auditing we are able to support you with internal management auditing and due diligence services.

What you can expect from Shires accounts team:

  • Initial meeting with stakeholders
  • In-depth review of PAYE and VAT
  • Reconciliation of the company bank accounts
  • Review of the financial statements
  • Conclude schedule of asset and depreciation
  • Conclude schedule of receivables and payable’s
  • Conclude schedule of directors loan account (if applicable)
  • Audit review and report

Additionally with our accountancy services we can:

  • Conclude all schedules for assets, debtors, creditors etc
  • Prepare and submit year-end accounts
  • Prepare and submit year-end tax returns
  • Prepare and submit to HMRC, Companies House and Charity Commission

We offer a free no obligation meeting and would welcome the opportunity to discuss any requirements you may have. Call us on 01270 820 273 or click to Get in touch.



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